Premier Padel… what’s new?

No need to say how proud we are to be back on the World Championship calendar.

The calendar is out and here’s everything you need to know. 3 types of tournament this year with Major, P1 and P2. Major gives the winners 2.000 points, P1 gives the winners 1.000 points and P2 gives the winners 500 points in the race to the title.

Brussels, 1st European Date.

This year there will be 25 tournaments in the Premier Padel calendar.
1 Tour Finals, 4 Majors, 11 P1 & 9 P2’s.
After 4 tournaments in the Middle East & Latin America the calendar will arrive in Europe.
But guess where it will land? In Europe’s capital… BELGIUM.

We’re all looking forward to this tournament and the excitement of having the best players in the world play again in the most unique Gare Maritime of Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

You might be wondering if the best players in the world will come to Brussels as it is a P2 tournament… well the answer is YES! This is why.

Before our tournament, there’s a 3 weeks break for the players to have the time to get back into action and the 2 tournaments after are also P2. But it’s not the only reason.

Since the beginning of tournaments in Belgium (2022) the players have made it clear that it is one of the most beautiful indoor Padel tournament in the world… that being said, there is also a unique prize that you can only find here, in Brussels.

The 30.000€ bronze racket, that can be won, this year by 8 players. The deal was to win 2 times the Brussels tournament in 3 years to win the racket. In 2022, Galan/Lebron & Triay/Salazar and in 2023, Coello/Tapia & Josemaria/Sanchez won the tournament before being crowned World Champions.