Food and beverage


Here, vegetables are not considered as side dishes, they are the real stars of the show… A paradise for all veggie lovers !

By the chef Xavier Pellecier


The place to go when you need the ultimate comfort food, inspired by rural cooking and childhood memories… A festival of flavour with a kick of exotic spice !

By the chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre


Taste the magic of Tomorrowland! Enjoy and savor delicious street food dishes with typical flavors from all corners of the world, inspired by the iconic’ festival’s “Tastes of the World” cuisine

By the chef Xaveir Van Hecke


A gourmet counter where you will experience “grazing”, sharing with your friends a wonderful selection of the most refined cheeses and cured meats… All on one plate. Savour every bite and share happy moments!


140! is the right temperature to begin to cook perfect, golden and crispy fries. Enjoy the famous Belgian fries that make us proud all over the world. Croquettes, gratins and potato buns are also on the  menu.

By the chefs Mallory Gabsi and Adrien Gachot


Enjoy some of the exuberant dessert created by the best Belgian pastry chefs!

By Julie


Carne’s burgers feature nothing but layers of natural goodness : 100% Belgium pasture meat, fresh vegetables from local sustainable farms, organic mushrooms and so mush more…

By the chef Mauro Colagreco


A favourite meeting place for those who can’t imagine life without pasta, not to mention gluten-free options!

By the chef Giovanni Bruno 


A new way of discovering classic and traditional Belgian specialities in a street food style… On the menu ? Chicken, vol-au-vent, or shrimp stuffed tomatoes like you’ve never tasted before

By the chef Bart De Pooter


Welcome to our pop-up fish bar dedicated to the delicious products of the North Sea! Every three months, different chefs will take you on a journey to the dunes of our small (but very popular) Belgian coast…

By the chef Glen


The Victoria Bar is at the heart of our Food Market. This strong blond beer honours the victory of the Archangel Saint Michael, a patron Saint who defended Brussels against evil in 1695… With its 100% natural ingredients and secondary fermentation in the bottle, Victoria also represents our centuries-old Belgian brewing heritage. 

Last but not least, we’re thrilled to let you know we have our two incredible Tero tents at the Padel village, all set to delight you with the finest hotdogs and nuggets in town! Make sure not to miss out!