Premier Padel mens pairs: Who’s Joining Forces?

Before our eagerly anticipated Lotto Brussels Premier Padel tournament, the best players in the world were battling it out in Mexico and Venezuela. With numerous changes occurring between pairs, it was a great opportunity for them to test the waters and become competitive with their new partners. However, which changes are official, and when will they take place?

Mixing it up to keep us on our toes…

After witnessing what we thought was impossible, the separation of Galan and Lebron left us all in shock. However, now that the news has been digested, we can see it as an opportunity to spice things up, especially since it’s so early in the season.

New pairs playing Padel in Venezuela

So, what’s official and what’s not? In Venezuela, we witnessed the debut of Chingotto and Galan. Then, just in time for Brussels, we expect to see pairs like Paquito/Lebron, Sanyo/Maxi and Momo Gonzalez/Alejandro Ruiz along with the new Bela/Tello partnership.

With all these exciting changes happening, the upcoming Lotto Brussels Premier Padel edition is looking to be as special as ever. What can we expect, who will surprise us? Which duo will step up, and who will impact the Padel hierarchy?

Don’t miss out on all the fun, as we are more than ready to see you at the Gare Maritime of Tour et Taxis.