Hotel Amigo and its work of art, the bar Magritte

As the eagerly anticipated Padel tournament approaches, the Brussels Premier Padel promises more than just thrilling matches. The world’s top players will be competing for a trophy and, in our case, the prestigious bronze rackets as well (8 players concerned). Premier Padel tournaments offer an opportunity for fans to travel the word through the sport.

Amigo hotel, picture of the bar
The wallpaper, inspired by Georgette, is a unique piece that adds an artistic dimension to this iconic space.

Engaging with Brussels culture and history

Visiting a new country can become an overwhelming task but choosing your hotel wisely is already a great start, but choosing a hotel of charm like Amigo Hotel is an even better way to start your trip. More than just a place to stay, they’re bringing a part of Brussels‘ rich history to life with their innovative new bar concept, the Bar Magritte. You could probably tell by the name, the place is a journey into the world of art, offering an adventure for the senses and a taste of René Magritte’s surrealistic dreamscape right in the heart of Brussels.

Amigo Bar: pipe

“Ceci n’est pas un bar…”

More than just a bar, with its unique decor, the bar Magritte is a place to meet, greet, eat and drink. You’re welcome to bring along your friends, colleagues, family, or partner to this incredible place, rich with culture, offering an immersive experience for everyone. Keep in mind the special events on Friday and Saturday evenings, known as “Mix & Melody Nights” you won’t regret it.

“it’s a work of art, a theatre, the beating heart of Brussels. It’s alchemy, mixology. An adventure for the senses. A taste of René Magritte’s surrealist dreamscape.”
Ceci n’est pas un bar; it’s so much more.

Magritte Bar

Make your weekend even more special by visiting a unique place that offers more than just drinks and food. This includes spaces for intimate conversations by candlelight and playing chess, enjoying live music, and staying out late. You can try Belgian classics with a creative twist, like moules-frites ravioli and croquettes de crevettes, and discover surprising and delightful drinks. We hope you’ll be inspired by places like this one, even if you’re not staying at the hotel, we hope the bar Magritte will pique your curiosity about Belgium even further.

Lastly, don’t be surprised, at the Magritte Bar, every day at 7:13 PM, our guests are invited to enjoy appetizers, commemorating the historic encounter between René Magritte and his wife Georgette in 1913.

So why wait, get your tickets while you still can and get around Europe’s capital to explore what it has to offer!