Breaking News: The wildcards for the Lotto Brussels Premier Padel have been revealed!

Padel Belgium, in charge of the selection process, and the organizers V. Laureyssens/N. Lhoist in association with Padel Belgium, are proud to present the wildcards for the qualifications and final draw of the Belgian leg of the Premier Padel World Championship circuit at Tour & Taxis in Brussels from April 20 to 28 :

Lotto Brussels Premier Padel by Belfius:



Final draw: Helena Wyckaert/An-Sophie Mestach

Qualifications: Elyne Boeykens/Laura Bernard


Final draw 1: Clément Geens/Maxime Deloyer

Final draw 2: Bram Coene/Joris De Weerdt

Qualifications 1: François Azzola/Jerome Peeters

Qualifications 2: Isaac Huysveld/Thibo Matthyssens

As a reminder, there are more wildcards for men because the qualifications and final draw are larger.

The Lotto Brussels Premier Padel P2 by Belfius will be organized for the first time at the Gare Maritime de Tour & Taxis in Brussels from 20 to 28/04/24, as part of the new Premier Padel professional circuit. Premier Padel is the leading official professional padel circuit, founded by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) in collaboration with the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the Professional Padel Association (PPA).

Launched in 2022, with the support of the Professional Padel Association (PPA), over 500 players from around the world participated in Premier Padel tournaments in its first year and played in some of the most iconic venues in sports history, including Roland-Garros Stadium in Paris. In August 2023, QSI acquired the World Padel Tour (WPT) to create a unique global professional padel circuit – called Premier Padel – governed by the FIP. In 2024, Premier Padel will host 25 tournaments per year as the circuit continues to develop the sport in new territories and in all dimensions. As a global brand, Premier Padel also captures the dynamic essence and exciting spirit of padel, with the sport embarking on an exciting new dawn on a global scale, driven by the new circuit.

The Lotto Brussels Premier Padel P2 by Belfius is the Belgian stage that counts for this World Championship, bringing together the best padel players in the world.

We are proud to have the best Belgians facing off against the best Padel players in the world at the Padel club of Tour & Taxis and at the Gare Maritime de Tour & Taxis.

Will Clément Geens repeat his accomplishment of reaching the first round of the final draw to write the Belgian history of Padel, but this time with Max Deloyer?

What does the 2023 Belgian champion Joris De Weerdt, freshly signed as an official Bullpadel player along with a dozen of players and players from the world top 10, think about it?

Joris De Weerdt, Belgian champion 2023: “We are super happy and motivated to have the opportunity to play in the final draw of this incredible tournament against the best players in the world in this magnificent Gare Maritime. We were here last year as spectators, and this year it will be as players, so the dream is coming true! I am very proud and very happy to have just signed with the world’s number 1 brand Bullpadel and I found my happiness with my new racket.”

What do our two players who are members of the official team of our automotive partner Cupra think?

H. Wyckaert, Belgian n°1: “I am super happy to have this wildcard again and very happy to play again with A-S Mestdach. It’s a great experience and playing in this magnificent place that is the Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis. We will do everything to create the exploit and thank the organization for giving us this unique opportunity.”

Elena in front of a cupra car

M. Deloyer, Belgian n°2: “My goal in 2024 is to reach the final draw of all stages of the Premier Padel pro circuit. Here in Brussels, our wildcard represents our performances and our well-deserved ranking in 2023, and we are very proud of it. I am super happy to play in front of my audience and so many people because it will be the Padel party in Belgium.”

Maxime Deloyer Tour et Taxis

For V. Laureyssens, Executive President of the Lotto Brussels Premier Padel: “We broke a world record last year for a Wednesday during the Wednesday of the Belgian Day with our Belgian wildcards. We hope to break this world record again this year with more than 8,000 visitors in one day. Come on Belgium, the more supporters and atmosphere there are, the more chances we have to witness a new exploit and write the history of Padel in Belgium.”