Belgian Padel on the rise: 2 Cupra players to keep an eye on

As Belgian Padel is booming, and Padel clubs are being built left, right and center, who should we keep an eye on, and how do they compete against the world’s best? With Premier Padel coming to Brussels at the end of April, it’s essential to know what the locals have in store. That’s why CUPRA, a partner of the Belgian Padel Federation, has picked Maxime Deloyer and Helena Wyckaert as their ambassadors. With the Padel scene predominantly dominated by Spanish and South Americans players, seeing young Belgians rising up is always nice to see, with Cupra also on the rise in their respective market, underdogs just seem to get each other.

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Maxime Deloyer, Belgium’s bright young star

At just 20 years old, Deloyer has been playing Padel since the age of seven. Young and ambitious, Maxime aims to become the first Belgian to reach the top 100 worldwide. With his recent sponsorship deal with Cupra, they are working hand in hand to professionalize Belgian Padel even further. Cupra has always showed a lot of interest in sport, among other high-level athletes, their list of ambassadors includes Marc-André ter Stegen, Adam Peaty, and Alexia Putellas. The young Padel talent naturally joins this prestigious list of athletes who represent the CUPRA brand.

“My objective for the season is to reach the main draw of a Premier Padel tournament (excluding wildcard)

Maxime Deloyer
Maxime Deloyer Tour et Taxis

Helena Wyckaert, paving the way in Padel

Cupra also boasts Belgium’s top-ranked female player, Wyckaert, currently ranked 96th in the world who is a beloved figure among fans in Belgium. Helena attended the press conference in February for this year’s Brussels Premier Padel event alongside Cupra showing their ambition for the upcoming season. Like a lot of players, our starlet used to play tennis for a long time before switching to Padel about six years ago.

“It’s a great experience to play in such a magnificent place like the Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis. We will do everything we can to accomplish something extraordinary, and thank you to the organization for giving us this unique opportunity”

Helena Wyckaert
Elena in front of a cupra car

The future of Belgian Padel looks promising, with players like Maxime Deloyer and Helena Wyckaert leading the charge. Their dedication and talent mirror the vision of Cupra. As Belgian Padel continues to gain traction, the partnership between these players and Cupra highlights a commitment to excellence and growth in the sport. Hoping they will pave the way for the younger generations, and don’t forget to get your tickets before they sell out to watch breathtaking Padel and support our local talent.